The secret of ZEPETO MV making???? ZEPETO ✕ ITZY❤️'NOTSHY' Making Film????

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ZEPETO #ITZY #NOTSHY Wanna know how ZEPETO MV is made????? The Making Film of ITZY's NOT SHY MV (Eng Ver.) is here! Watch how this video was ...

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    그래도방송인데 막내뱉는거아닌가ㅋㅋ 진세연이어때서...
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    kakao_a2760989 02.09
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    싹쓰리 02.09
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    배구를좋아하는 팬으로 실망스럽고 리그중인데 이런일이 발생했다는것자체가 프로의 자격이 없다고 봐요 제가 다음 검색하다 글읽으면서 육두문자 날리면…
    다솜 02.09
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