Netizens Can’t Get Enough Of “Yumi’s Cells” Kim Go Eun And Ahn Bo Hyun’s Chemistry

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Kim Go Eun always has amazing chemistry with her male co-stars, but her chemistry with Ahn Bo Hyun is off the charts!

kim go eunKim Go Eun | @kim.goeun/YouTube

ahn bo hyunAhn Bo Hyun | @bohyunahn/Instagram

The two Yumi’s Cells co-stars recently filmed a video for Elle Korea together called “Yumi’s Cells Kim Go Eun & Ahn Bo Hyun Love Councelling Q&A.” During the video, they answered questions related to their characters’ love story in the K-Drama, like dealing with friends who seem to be a little too friendly with your partner, whether it’s worse to be ghosted or cheated on, and whether they’d prefer receiving a one-word response to a text or to wait 2 to 3 hours for a response.

Your browser does not support video.| ELLE KOREA/YouTube

Their chemistry really stood out when they answered a question related to Sae Yi (Park Ji Hun). In Yumi’s Cells, Sae Yi is one of Gu Woong’s (Ahn Bo Hyun) best friends and also works with him. Yumi (Kim Go Eun) doesn’t like Sae Yi because she thinks Sae Yi has feelings for Woong. In the Elle video, Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun looked totally comfortable with each other as they debated whether or not men and women can be platonic friends. They looked as if they’d been friends for years.

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Throughout the video, they made each other laugh easily and they looked truly interested in what the other person had to say.

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One of the questions they had to answer was related to getting hungry while kissing. It read, “When I was about to kiss my lover after we got into a romantic mood, I became so hungry because I haven’t eaten for the whole day. Hunger Cell (meal first) vs. Naughty Cell (keep doing)?”

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Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun were totally on the same wavelength and answered that they’d prefer to keep kissing.

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As they continued answering questions, they stayed on the same wavelength and proved just how comfortable they are around each other and just how much they have in common.

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While this video wasn’t as steamy as their kisses on their K-Drama…

Your browser does not support video.| Viki Global TV/YouTube

Netizens were wowed by how well they get along with each other in real life.

Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 4.23.09 PM

Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 4.23.43 PM

Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 4.24.14 PM

See the full video for yourself below!


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