Brave Girls’s “Rollin'” Surpasses BLACKPINK & Red Velvet To Become The Most Liked Girl Group Song In Melon History

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Almost two months since Brave Girls went unexpectedly viral with 2017 song “Rollin'”, the group is still breaking records. Now, “Rollin'” has become the most liked girl group song on Melon in the chart’s history.

While Brave Girls struggled to make it onto the charts after their relatively successful debut single, “Do You Know”, that all changed in February this year. After a K-Pop fan by the name of VIDITOR uploaded a stage mix of “Rollin'”, which was released to little commercial success in 2017, the song suddenly went viral.

bravegirlsmelonlikes_1| Brave Brothers

Within just days, “Rollin'” went no.1 on all major charts. Not long later, “Rollin'” became the girl group song with the most hourly Perfect All-Kills in history, sitting among the likes of BTS, IU, and Zico. Now, they’ve scored another achievement on the Korean charts.

bravegirlsmelonlikes_2| Brave Brothers

As of April 18, “Rollin'” has reached over 233,464 likes on the Melon platform. This makes Brave Girls’s song the most-liked girl group track in Melon history. On the same day, “Rollin'” beat out Red Velvet‘s “Red Flavor”, which has around 232,440 likes on Melon…

bravegirlsmelonlikes_3| SM Entertainment

… and BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, which has around 233,450 likes.

bravegirlsmelonlikes_4| YG Entertainment

And the song is showing no signs of slowing down its success. In fact, it’s still in the top five on all major charts and currently sits at no.1 on several of them. The group is set to make a comeback this summer, but time will only tell if their new track will be as much of a smash hit as “Rollin'”.

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