Comparing The Line Distributions For The Debut Vs. Most Recent Single Of 15 Of The Most Popular K-Pop Boy Groups

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As a K-Pop group progresses with its career, oftentimes there are changes to how the group presents itself, which members are given more or fewer lines than others, and other such changes as the members learn each others’ strengths and weaknesses.

cp2Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

While sometimes these changes aren’t very drastic, other times it’s very obvious if you take a look at how the lines of groups were when they debuted compared to where they are now! There are many groups who have clearly changed their member with the most lines, or have visibly more even lines than when they debuted.

cp1Stray Kids’ Felix

Here are the line distributions of the debut song compared to those of the most recently released single for 15 popular K-Pop boy groups.

1. BTS

Debut: “No More Dream”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T214749.277

Most Recent Single: “Life Goes On”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T214942.597

2. EXO

Debut (First with all 12): “Wolf” (Korean Ver.)

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T215556.241

Most Recent Single: “Obsession”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T215748.507

3. GOT7

Debut: “Girls Girls Girls”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T220224.954

Most Recent Single: “Last Piece”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T220418.190


Debut: “Adore U”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T220848.958

Most Recent Single: “Home;Run”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T221118.507

5. iKON

Debut: “My Type”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T221939.429

Most Recent Single: “Dive”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T222221.203

6. Stray Kids

Debut: “District 9”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T222550.953

Most Recent Single: “Back Door”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T222828.383

7. NCT 127

Debut: “Firetruck”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T223527.267

Most Recent Single: “Punch”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T223914.760


Debut: “Trespass”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T224404.976

Most Recent Single: “Love Killa”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T224820.938

9. NCT U

Debut: “The 7th Sense”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T225146.760

Most Recent Single: “90’s Love”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T225738.848

10. TXT

Debut: “Crown”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T230003.688

Most Recent Single: “Blue Hour”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T230136.276


Debut: “Empty”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T230345.600

Most Recent Single: “Remember”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T230604.571


Debut: “Pirate King”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T231135.437

Most Recent Single: “THANXX”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T231414.891


Debut: “Gorilla”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T231903.925

Most Recent Single: “Daisy”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T232233.152

14. NCT Dream

Debut: “Chewing Gum”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T232444.827

Most Recent Single: “Ridin'”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T232705.526

15. Wanna One

Debut: “Energetic”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T233545.549

Most Recent Single: “Spring Breeze”

meta-chart - 2021-02-22T234059.125


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