Here’s How The Current K-Pop Bullying Scandals Are Affecting The TV Broadcasting Programs

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In the midst of all the celebrity bullying scandals, broadcasting programs have been thrown with sudden setbacks. Recently, actor Jo Byung Gyu, (G)I-DLE’s Soojin, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu, LOONA’s CHU, THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo, actress Park Hye Su, Kim Dong Hee and more have been caught up in bullying controversies that are being spread online.

Let’s take a look at what broadcasts have been affected by these issues.

Jo Byung Gyu

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Recently, actor Jo Byung Gyu was accused by a netizen that claimed that they were bullied by him when he attended school in New Zealand. Even after stating that these rumors were false, additional stories from alleged victims are still on the rise. In regards to this issue, Jo posted to his Instagram, “I am feeling skeptical and disillusioned about the life I lived for 26 years due to the claims that are far from the truth.”

Jo, who has becoming a rising star after his role in OCN’s The Uncanny Counter, has also joined the MBC variety program Hang Out With Yoo and the new KBS show Come Back Home. Although he repeatedly denied the rumors every time they came up, the public continued to stay suspicious, and inevitably tarnished his reputation.

Currently, both variety programs do not have any plans to change the appearance of Jo on their shows. In regards to the Come Back Home recording postponement, the production team stated, “The title of the show was confirmed later than expected, causing the filming to be naturally delayed”, revealing that it was not related to Jo’s bullying scandal.

Park Hye Su


Actress Park Hye Su, who is known for her innocent image, has been surrounded by bullying rumors. Although her agency revealed an official statement denying the rumors, second and third bullying accusations continue to appear online. Those who claim to be the victims are commenting on Park’s Instagram, demanding an apology.

As a result, there have been several setbacks in Park’s schedule. Originally, she was scheduled to appear on KBSFM’s Jung Eunji’s Music Plaza, but it has now been canceled. Currently, she is scheduled to appear in the online press conference for the KBS drama Dear. M. According to officials, “There are currently no issues related to the actors for the press conference yet.”

The main actors along with Park were also scheduled to appear on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, but the recording for this was also canceled.

(G)I-DLE’s Soojin


(G)I-DLE’s Soojin has also been swept up in bullying rumors. Soojin and her agency have since released an official statement and a message on the fan café regarding the situation. However, the group’s appearance for the Naver Now live show Gossip Idle has been canceled. This program was to be hosted by member Miyeon with the members, including Soojin, as guests. It looks like they have canceled it due to the current issue.

THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin


THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin also were hit with bullying rumors from netizens claiming they were bullied and harassed by them.


But with both the agencies denying the rumors, it has no effect for the recording of Mnet’s Kingdom, which will broadcast on February 23. These two are currently recording for the show.

Although all celebrities who have been swept up with bullying rumors have claimed them to be false, additional stories and posts are still appearing online, causing broadcast companies to be on red alert.


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