NCT’s Mark And Haechan Devastated As Flight Delays, Missing Taeyong’s Send-Off

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Recently, NCT‘s Taeyong debuted his shaved head as he was enlisting for mandatory military service.

Taeyong also met up with his members before enlistment. Yet, some were missing.


잘 다녀올게 ! ????????????????????????‍????????‍????????‍????????‍????????????????

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Mark and Haechan took the earliest flight from Shanghai to Busan. They changed flight time so they could see Taeyong before he enlisted.

Mark (center left) and Haechan (center right)Mark (center left) and Haechan (center right)

Yet, the flight got delayed because of rain. They diverted to Jeju before returning to Seoul. So, Mark and Haechan still missed sending Taeyong off. They held a live broadcast via Instagram to say goodbye to Taeyong as they were stuck in the airport.

Haechan was also spotted crying on Mark’s shoulder at the airport. He was devastated that he couldn’t send his hyung off.

While they couldn’t make it in time, Taeyong took a group photo of him and the members with him.


Mark and Haechan also uploaded a video of them doing the “Yacht” challenge via TikTok to cheer up NCTzens who were also sad.


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