MC Park Myung Soo Gets Flamed For Inappropriate Question To BABYMONSTER

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On April 15, 2024, BABYMONSTER appeared as a guest on Park Myung Soo‘s radio show. He turned the spotlight on maknae Chiquita, who is known for her young age. She is also one of the foreign members in the group. As a young girl who has traveled to Korea to make her dream work, Park Myung Soo naturally asked if she missed her hometown.

After a series of questions about Thailand and her struggles in Korea, Park Myung Soo cracked a joke, asking which unnie she hates the most in the group.

Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 12.22.00 AM

Although Park Myung Soo quickly brushed it off as a lighthearted quib, the members were visibly shocked at the question.

Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 12.22.08 AM

Most of them could not contain their surprise. While Chiquita was rightfully flustered, she handled it like a champ, glossing over it quickly.

Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 12.22.14 AM

Netizens have criticized the MC for his inappropriate and unprofessional question.

Others took issue with the way he laughed after the question.

Although Park Myung Soo does have a more candid brand of humor, fans are not excusing his attitude.

On the other hand, many took it as a chance to praise the girls. They managed to handle the question with grace and humor, despite being caught off-guard.

Kudos to the girls for perfectly handling their first round of live radio shows!

GLNPsohaoAAU_3v| KBS


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