Korean Media Reports On Upcoming Trainee Lineup For FIFTY FIFTY’s Relaunch

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It was previously reported that FIFTY FIFTY would be relaunched after a search for new members. “FIFTY FIFTY 2.0” was to be formed around the last existing member of the original lineup, Keena. Auditions were held globally, with no expense spared to look for the perfect group of trainees to succeed FIFTY FIFTY’s previous success.

According to a media report, the trainee lineup has been finalized and the group is currently preparing for debut. Here’s all we know about the new lineup.

1. All Koreans

Although auditions were held globally, and in particular, in Southeast Asia, it was decided that the group would move forward with an all-Korean lineup. This lineup may include Koreans who studied overseas.

2. 5 to 7 people

The finalized group will be made of between five to seven members, including Keena. The previous lineup had only four members.

09b9843e-6067-41ae-80af-8335dc38432eThe previous FIFTY FIFTY lineup. | ATTRAKT

3. The ages

The age range will sit from between 2005 to 2008, apart from Keena. Keena was born in 2002.

4. Leader

Despite popular belief, Keena will not be the leader. The new FIFTY FIFTY will not have any leader.

1804e103-c8ff-4b49-80e6-3393e7846445Keena | ATTRAKT

5. Reinforced lessons

The company will focus on strengthening the trainee’s morals and values by giving them more education on this front. They will also be made to read as many books as possible, to increase their knowledge.




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