Who Is Felix? The Important Person Missing From Netflix’s “What Jennifer Did” Documentary

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Netflix‘s riveting true crime documentary What Jennifer Did tells the story of Jennifer Pan, a Canadian woman who orchestrated the kill-for-hire plot that resulted in her mother’s murder and her father’s attempted murder.

a-daughters-revenge-murderers-rowJennifer Pan (second from the right) and her co-conspirators (from left to right) David Mylvaganam, Eric Carty, Daniel Wong. All four and Lenford Crawford (not pictured) were convicted of first-degree murder, attempted murder, and conspiracy to commit murder.  | Court exhibit photos via Toronto Life

Netflix’s documentary delves into Jennifer’s home life, her tumultuous relationship with her parents, and her forbidden relationship with her boyfriend Daniel Wong, but one key individual is missing.

torontostarHuei Hann Pan (left) and Bich Ha Pan (right) | Toronto Life

Viewers who watched the documentary without prior knowledge of the case were surprised to learn that Jennifer Pan is not an only child. Her brother, Felix Pan, was not mentioned in What Jennifer Did.

Netflix Documentaries are garbage: What Jennifer Did
byu/Impossible-Will-8414 innetflix

Felix was born in 1989, while Jennifer was born in 1986. When Jennifer carried out her kill-for-hire plot, she was 24-years-old, and Felix (who was not home during the attack), was 21. According to a report by the Toronto Sun, Felix, “was oblivious to the string of lies and deception his beloved sister strung to her family — until after she was charged with hiring armed thugs to kill their parents.” 

Felix-Pan-1Felix Pan (right) and Jennifer Pan (left) holding incense at their mother’s funeral | The Star

Like Jennifer, Felix was subjected to strict parenting and high expectations, eventually being sent to a private school to study. During Jennifer’s trial, Felix was called to the stand to answer questions about his sister and his parents.

Dad was old school … He was very controlling, it’s just the way my dad is … It’s sort of like tough love.

— Felix Pan

Though viewers have different theories about why Felix is missing from the documentary, it’s possible that he was asked to take part and chose to decline.

byu/Impossible-Will-8414 from discussion

After Jennifer was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 25 years, Felix and his father requested a restraining order. The order has banned Jennifer from ever contacting her surviving family members.


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