Viewers Overhear LE SSERAFIM Posing A Distressed Question In Coachella’s Backstage

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LE SSERAFIM attracted K-Pop fans from all over the world to their performance in Coachella 2024, a music festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, from April 12–14 and 19–21. They performed on April 13th in front of thousands of fans.

GLHLBYyXgAAvbCx.jpgLE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/X

The girls impressed the festival-goers with their bubbly energy. Many members were praised for their vocals as well, leaving a positive impression on viewers.


Behind the stage, however, was a different story. A glitch in Coachella‘s audio resulted in viewers overhearing a woman asking for their manager from backstage. Her tone sounded stressed or agitated, and it was clear that they were pressed for time.

Where is the manager?

 Voice from backstage

This saddened some fans who took it as a sign that they are being mismanaged. They thought it was “insane” that a manager who is expected to be by the members’ side as much as possible was nowhere to be found in such an important moment.

On the other hand, some saw it as a power-tripping controversy, with one saying the group is “poisonous” for reacting this way.

They disliked how direct the question was, posing it without using honorifics like “unnie” or “oppa” unlike what is common in Korean culture.


In the end, some tried to remind others that “it may or may not be LE SSERAFIM” speaking. Since no one was actually seen uttering these words, it was a possibility that the voice did not belong to any of the girls.

LE SSERAFIM performed on the second day of Coachella 2024. Read more about it below.

LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae Has The Sassiest Response To Being Left Out Of Group Activity


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