Korean Netizens React To LE SSERAFIM’s Live Vocals At “Coachella 2024”

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LE SSERAFIM‘s recent performance at Coachella 2024 has stirred mixed reactions, particularly among Korean netizens. While the group received praise from international fans for their live vocals, the response from the Korean online community has been notably less enthusiastic.

lsrfm coachella crowd| @le_sserafim/X (formerly known as Twitter)

A post on the popular Korean online forum TheQoo discussing LE SSERAFIM’s performance has become a hot topic and amassed over 54,000 views. It has also sparked more than 380 comments, revealing a critical stance from the domestic fans. Netizens have expressed disappointment in the members’ vocal abilities, with only a few of them receiving mild praise.

Some comments suggested that while some members — mainly Chaewon and Yunjin — managed to impress, others fell short. The critique extends harshly towards Sakura, with some netizens even accusing her of being “tone-deaf.”

  • “Chaewon is okay, but the rest seriously lack vocal prowess, and that stifling sound they make is just too much.”
  • “Kim Chaewon did well.”
  • “Wow, but Sakura really sounds tone-deaf. Her voice production is fundamentally flawed. Even her speaking voice trembles like a goat.”
  • “The fact that they used a lot of AR was somewhat acceptable. It would have been better if they had focused on lip-syncing and dancing. It was too risky.”
  • “What can you do if a singer can’t perform live? And it’s not like they just debuted this year.”
  • “What is this…?”
  • “So this is the best it gets, huh…”
  • “Ah geez………….”
  • “At least the one with the bob cut and the one with red hair are okay. The rest are really not up to par.”
  • “Even the ones who are supposed to be good are off-pitch.”
  • “Sakura has been criticized for her vocal skills more than once; does she not have the will to improve? Even Chaewon and Yunjin, who are said to be good, are just better than the other members but still off-pitch.”
  • “Chaewon and Yunjin also can’t match pitch.”
comments| TheQoo


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