3rd Generation Female Idol Rushed To Hospital Following “Inkigayo” Performance

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Red Velvet‘s Yeri is set to receive medical treatment for a slipped disc following the completion of promotions for the group’s latest track, “Chill Kill.” The young idol has been performing with severe back pain, as she revealed to fans after the group’s final performance on SBS‘s Inkigayo.

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Fans had to sadly watch the young star leave the stage immediately after wrapping up their last music show performance on Sunday. It was later revealed by fans present at the pre-recording that Yeri would not be participating in the show’s live segment as she had to get injections for her back pain at the hospital. Irene was also missing from the segment, with fans saying the leader probably accompanied Yeri on her way there.

Thankfully, Yeri was healthy enough to be able to attend the group’s face-to-face fansign event, where she revealed the reason behind her back pain to any fans wondering.

According to a fan who attended the fansign, Yeri said she had suffered a slipped disc during preparations for the comeback. The star also revealed that she is currently getting injections for the back pain and that she will undergo full treatment once “Chill Kill” promotions are wrapped up.

Sweet as ever, Yeri made sure to also update fans via Bubble messages and thank them for watching their last stage while also apologizing for not being able to greet them during the live show.

The entertainment industry, especially K-Pop, is known for its rigorous routines and the immense pressure on artists to perform without fail. Yeri’s situation sheds light on the physical toll these demands can take on performers. It also highlights the resilience and perseverance of idols like Yeri, who push through pain to fulfill their commitments to fans and their group.

The response from the public has been overwhelmingly supportive, with fans praising Yeri for her strength and professionalism. Multiple posts on Twitter show Yeri flawlessly performing Red Velvet’s tasking choreography for “Chill Kill” despite her pain and discomfort.

In the meantime, fans continue to show their support for Yeri online, sharing messages of encouragement and admiration for her bravery in facing her health struggles head-on. As she undergoes treatment, ReVeluvs are looking forward to seeing her return to the stage, healthy and ready to perform once again.


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