What Did BLACKPINK’s Lisa Wear For Her “Crazy Horse Paris” Performance? Here’s A Sneak Peek

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BLACKPINK‘s Lisa just concluded her round of performances at the Crazy Horse in Paris. The show had her participate in six acts, changing into a different outfit each time. Although filming was not allowed during the show, fans present spilled the details on what she wore.

1. Soldier outfit

ELLE Singapore Magazine posted a snippet of a trailer being played at the entrance of the venue.

Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 2.02.38 AM

According to fans, Lisa wore a modified version of the following original outfit. The original outfit called for the dancers’ chests to be shown as it was topless.

soldiers1| The Cherie

Lisa wore a modified version with a bra as in the following photo.

Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 2.02.23 AM

2. Black Bikini

The original outfit for this set consisted of a black bikini bottom and a strappy top. As with the cabaret’s traditional outfits, the dancers bare their chests.

unnamed-7| The Cherie

Lisa wore a modified version of the outfit, opting for a halter top and a nubra underneath.

unnamed-6Lisa (middle, light pink wig) with the dancers.

3. A beaded skirt and matching top

To perform “But I’m A Good Girl,” the original act called for a beaded skirt and no top. Here’s a picture of a dancer in the original outfit.

scene-good-girl-kika-revolver-crazy-horse-remi-desclaux| The Crazy Horse

Lisa wore an outfit like the one shown in the aforementioned trailer below.

Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 2.02.46 AM

4. Office lady

Lisa played a hot CEO for “Crisis? What Crisis?” According to fans, she wore a white shirt, an a-line skirt, and glasses before stripping down to a black bra and panty set. It would have looked similar to this.

Lisa re-wore the second outfit once for her 5th act, before rounding up with a finale. According to some BLINKS, there was also another outfit with a short jacket. A fan illustrated the following picture to give other fans an imaginative view of the outfits.


Congratulations to Lisa for her amazing show!



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