SM Entertainment Under Fire For Allegedly Posting NCT Taeil’s Motorcycle Injury In Now-Deleted Teaser Image

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Fans are angered over SM Entertainment‘s actions regarding NCT Taeil‘s motorcycle injury, including allegedly making him work while recovering.

IMG_8514NCT’s Taeil | SM Entertainment

In early August, SM Entertainment shared that Taeil would take a hiatus after a car accident occured while riding his motorcycle home.  The posting shared that Taeil received a fracture in his right thigh and would undergo surgery to correct it.

NCT’s Taeil To Suspend Activities Due To Injury From Motorcycle Accident

Many fans initially blamed SM Entertainment for the accident occurring, especially after NCT’s Chenle revealed more details left out in the notice the company shared.

A few days after the accident, Taeil updated fans, apologizing for making them worry, and confirmed that his surgery went well. He expressed some regret over missing the NCT Nation performances but assured everyone he was doing well with treatment.


I made it out of the surgery fine. And I’m doing great with treatment, too, so I’m well on my way to full recovery. I’ll get well soon so don’t worry!

— Taeil

Now, fans have been angered over the actions of the company again.

NCT 127 is preparing for a comeback, and over the last few weeks, teasers and promotions featuring the members have been shared. While some have had Taeil in them, many were likely shot after his accident, so he could not participate.

IMG_8512NCT 127 | SM Entertainment

On October 3, KST, SM Entertainment shared the first version of teasers from the “Fact Check” MV, exciting fans with the individual images of each member.

Fans were pleasantly surprised that a set featuring Taeil was shared but reuploaded just moments later. This surprise turned to rage after discovering the reason behind the reposting — what appeared to be Taeil’s leg injury.

In the bottom left of the original photo, healing cuts can be seen in addition to the yellowing that happens to bruises as they heal. The re-uploaded photo was cropped accordingly to no longer show his leg.

IMG_8508The original image showing Taeil’s leg injury. | SM Entertainment IMG_8511| SM Entertainment

Fans were angered over what they called SM Entertainment’s unprofessional behavior. They were also upset because Taeil worked so soon after his injury and surgery.

SM Entertainment has not released any statement about the deleted photo.


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