This Actress Just Revealed That She Is The Matchmaker Who Set Up Honey Lee With Her Husband

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Veteran actress Lee Hye Young made a shocking confession.

243340698_259140822770105_1713901810145956330_nLee Hye Young | @leehaeyoung1730/Instagram

289060861_134654915862977_4147376364830235695_n| @leehaeyoung1730/Instagram

The actress revealed that she was the matchmaker responsible for setting up fellow actress Honey Lee (also known as Hanee Lee) with her husband.

hlHoney Lee | @honey_lee32/Instagram

248413857_200668058874165_665321232572253376_n| @honey_lee32/Instagram

The actress made the revelation during a live press conference for MBN‘s upcoming dating show Divorced Singles 3.

532400_744317_445Lee Hye Young at the press conference for Divorced Singles 3 | MBN

NISI20220623_0001026038_web| MBN

On this day, Lee Hye Young remarked that she should be rewarded for doing cupid’s work and helping others find their true loves.

They say you go to heaven if you set up three couples. Including Divorced Singles 2 contestants Lee Da Eun and Yoon Nam Gi, I have set up three couples in total.

— Lee Hye Young

271618232_3214823962122583_1854747413295282095_nYoon Nam Gi (left) and Lee Da Eun (right)| @dannysdressingroom/Instagram

The actress then let the cat out of the bag when she stated she was the one who set up Honey Lee with her husband.

To be honest, I am the one who set up the blind date for Honey Lee.

— Lee Hye Young

248795375_421594466127126_4143916806480941534_n| @honey_lee32/Instagram

Lee Hye Young further revealed details of how this match made-in-Gangnam happened!

I set up the blind date when I first started filming for Divorced Singles. The two seemed they would get along, so I set it up. Seeing how the two then went on to get married and have a child together felt like flowers blooming in my heart. I want to continue setting up future families.

— Lee Hye Young

260913749_651351495879692_1776859281299907548_n| @leehaeyoung1730/Instagram

243774908_4309585259155069_7363104269243309533_n| @leehaeyoung1730/Instagram

Honey Lee married her non-celebrity husband in December of 2021. The couple had their first child on June 21.

unnamed-55| @honey_lee32/Instagram

unnamed-56| @honey_lee32/Instagram

Meanwhile, Lee Hye Young will renew her role as host of MBN’s dating show Divorced Singles 3. The dating show has been a hit for MBN, as season 2 contestants Lee Da Eun and Yoon Nam Gi, who met on the show, would go on and get married.

279479864_573403260572183_623442318789833019_n| @dannysdressingroom/Instagram

Lee Da Eun and Yoon Nam Gi have been such a hit with the audience that the two would later star in their own spin-off reality show, Divorced Singles Spin-Off.

897952_729215_3319| MBN

Lee Hye Young was one of Korea’s most prominent stars in the 1990s. She first debuted as an idol with group 1730 before garnering fame as a member of the girl group Coco. The singer would transition to an actress and star in dramas such as Queen of Housewives and Premonition. Lee Hye Young, who is known for her impeccable fashion sense, would later launch her own brand Miss Dorothy.

240573642_4868356413193924_4947495502244848150_n| @leehaeyoung1730/Instagram

277698659_654553975611359_3512981980584061068_n| @leehaeyoung1730/Instagram

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